When I was young and unable to travel 'abroad' alone, my memories remind me of my grandmother on my father's side, Cheah Suan Kee. She was the only grandparent I had or knew when I was born as the youngest and 7th child of my parents! As she lived in Penang where my father was born too, I remember that quite consistently during the long school holidays at end of each year, my parents would make a trip to Penang with me so I got to know her well. 

I was happy to be in Penang too as I would have a playmate, the oldest nephew I have who was only a few years younger than me, compared to all my own older siblings

As the island of Penang is close to the Thai border up north, I had the opportunity to travel to Thailand by bus in my younger years, brought by my grandmother with my playmate nephew too shared in the following photos: